Yes, You can easily upload and share any file with a link at TempFile.io. You can upload documents, PDF's, audio files, videos and many others.

Yes, TempFile is FREE to use and we hope you will utalize our service for years to come. You can upload and share files with a link anonamously or sign up for an account and keep your files stored on our servers for 30 days.

Your temporary file upload will stay on our servers for 7 days, then they will be deleted. If you sign up for an account your files will stay on our servers for 30 days and you will be able to mangage all files within your dashboard.

Yes, you can put a password on any file that you upload to our servers. When someone visits your file link they will be prompted to enter a password. If the password is incorrect they will not be able to download your temporary files.

Yes, all your files are hosted on our web server. Each file is protected by HTTPS, and they are fully encrypted. To make your files access even safer, we suggest you to add a password when uploading.

Due to costs and considering that our service is free, at this moment, we only support temporary file storage. While we might add a paid pricing tier in the future for lifetime storage, in the meanwhile, we advise you to use alternative file sharing platforms.WeTransfer is a very popular choice. You can explore more options at Socialmarketing90 , as they have a full list of different providers.